Born an impoverished human in a slum outside the city of Narfuz, Ezekyle was forced to fend for himself from a young age. His uncanny insight into philosophy and technology caught the eye of a local scholar, living and working at the nearby Narfuz College of the Material and Etherial, known in the area as "The College". The scholar approached Ezekyle about his work and offered to take him in and teach him the ways of magic. While studying at the college Ezekyle developed an unmatched proficiency in the illusion and conjuration schools of magic. He developed an uncanny interest in the nature of time and locality. His mentor, recognizing this and understanding that the manipulation of time was both an extremely rare skill and frowned upon by the mage community, packed his belongings and moved himself and Ezekyle to a remote location where they could continue their work unimpeded.

Ezekyle began experimenting with the strange crystal that could be found growing in the nearby mountains. The old dwarves who occupied the mountain range spoke in hushed tones of its magical properties, saying that in moments of extreme turmoil, the crystals sometimes offered insights about the future. In his studies, Ezekyle discovered that the famed crystal had what seemed like an intelligence of its own. From this intelligence, Ezekyle fashioned seven crystal servants to assist him in his work.