Kanus The God of War Edit

The glory and honor of combat that took place in the world gave birth to Kanus. Kanus has been known to appear in an avatar and fight alongside those he deems truly honorable in their time of need. And other times he as been known to appear to kill those who have truly displeased him. When he does appear it is in one of two forms.

Honor Incarnate Edit

His first form is known as the noble form. In this form he appears as a large suit of plate armor adorned in a huge wolf pelt cloak. The armor seems to be not on a physical body but rather held together by a huge lightning skeleton glowing a white with a hue of blue. He wields a shield that bears the names of all those who die protecting the things they cherish. His sword bears the names of those whose quest for vengeance was never complete because they fell in battle. His head is a helmet that has a stoic face and from the front resembles a human male.

Rage Incarnate Edit

His second form is known as the rage form. The helmet will spin around to reveal the back which is a sinister iron mask. The armor is filled with a body of raging fire. The sword and shield are sheathed and two war axes chained to his wrist reveal themselves. The axes don the names of those who fought with honor but were dishonored and killed by sickness, assassinated, or something of the sort.

Alignment Edit

Noble Form: Lawful Good

Rage Form: Chaotic Evil