Korbo The Wolf of The Harvest Edit

Korbo was a wolf that came into existence during the great ice age. She loved the frozen earth and basked in the world of silver that was the world. That was until she realised she was all alone. Everything else froze and died. Horrified at the idea of eternal loneliness, a fate worse than death she, cried out to Mara and Maria to do something. They responded and told her that Ardian was winning and life would not prevail. Korbo would not accept that fate and demanded to let her help them. Mara gave her all the animals she had, left which were four mice. Maria gave her all the plants she had left, which was a handful of wheat seeds. And they both gave her all the warmth could spare. Korbo looked far and wide and traveled south to find the best place to start life again. A place fertile in soil and warmth, but yet protected from Ardian’s cold. After finding a place she planted the seeds and let the mice keep warm in her fur. After centuries of growing and slowly sneaking past Ardian’s gaze to get more plant and animal life from Mara and Maria. Life was restored once more in the world. She sacrificed the world of frozen beauty so that she may smile with others and share the beauty of the world once more.

Alignment Edit

Chaotic Good