Ordollanius The Maestro of Order Edit

Master clerics, and Arch wizards that study the gods don’t quite know where the Ordollanius came to being. Although It is know that he came into existence after Magnus blessed the earth with creation forges. Some theorize that Ordollanius may have been no more than a simple clockwork machine that through constant upgrades and eventually gaining the intelligence to upgrade itself gained godhood. However who ever created Ordollanius has yet to be answered in this question.

Interestingly enough if the theory on his creation is true then he may be one of the only gods that can’t be killed because of his mortal creation. If this is true then the universe is ultimate demise may lie in utter chaos. This is because good of chaos is not bound by any mortal coil.

The Plane of Law Edit

Ordollanius found refuge in the plane with the least chaotic energy. After he took it for his home he expunged all chaotic energy in the plane. The ultimate goal of the plane is to not to defeat chaos but rather protect the careful balance of the universe that is created by the never ending struggle between chaos and order. This force is sometimes referred to as the rhythm of gears.

The entire plane is inhabited by a mixture of mortals who have sworn an oath to protect order. It is also inhabited by Ordollaniuses creation which are independent thinking clockwork mechanisms that act as an extension of Ordollanius.