The Oligarchy of the Griffin Edit

The Oligarchy of the Griffin is a human nation that is composed of six regions all ruled by different nobles. The different regions which represent different aspects of the griffin act as independent nations in some instances, but in others they work together to prevent the destruction of their land.

History of The Oligarchy Edit

The Oligarchy was once ruled by a monarchy but as the kings became more and more corrupt different lords and citizens began to no longer obey. After the monarchy collapsed a system of noble and serf began to arise for a century. After this serf population grew so large that they began creating towns and villages without the need for nobles. This independent mind set that the people gained is what made the interesting system that exist today. The nobles in The Oligarchy today don't necessarily act as dictators but more as experienced and wealthy politics.

The Different Regions Edit

The different regions represent to land controlled by a noble and the extent of their influence. Each region is ruled very differently when compared to each other. The region also generally reflects the noble that rules it.

Here is a list of the six regions:

Hold of The Griffin's Eye

Hold of The Griffin's Beak

Hold of The Griffin's Talons

Hold of The Griffin's Wings

Hold of The Griffin's Legs

Hold of The Griffin's Feathers

Each region represents a strength of the Griffin. The idea being that alone a region is strong but together the Oligarchy is unstoppable just like the beast they are named after.